Birlon sword

Look at those lovers on the hill. They are not the reason they call it loverís hill. The story begins in a time when the earth was young, before the elves, dwarves, and magic left the land. At this time there was a law that was higher than the law of elves or dwarfs or of man. It was the law of the earth existing before the elves, before the dwarves, and before man came upon the earth.

  1. This law stated that the immortal and mortal shall never marry.
  2. The immortal shall be the guardians of the mortal for they are of the first born and know the magic of the land.
  3. The mortal shall not know the magic of the land for it is a gift of the first born for they are not allowed to die.

In the time of the great migration, the elves of the plains were to help the men of Abijen. The leader of the elves, Eventag, and of the men, Makar, was friends. They worked together and there was peace among their people. Many nights there would be feasting and dancing.

During one of these nights Eventagís daughter Ellendrill danced the dance of a gentle breeze on a summerís day as it played with the grasses of the prairie. (This was the dance that minstrels sing of still today; for its grace and elegance were beyond words or song.) That was the fateful night for on that night Birlon son of Makar started to love Ellendrill though the law of the earth forbade it.

Many moons passed and Birlon became chief of his people. He did not marry as was the custom of his people. The daughters of men, though they had great beauty and grace, were as trolls of the southern land when compared with Ellendrill. He did not love them.

Ellendrill soon too learned to love Birlon. He had become a handsome man. Birlon had dark hair and was as tall as the elves of the plains and was as strong as a dwarf. He was also wise and used his wisdom to care for his people. During his reign any honest man did not have to worry about feeding his family.

Ellendrill and Birlon often worked as a team, during planting and harvest, when looking for water and the hunt for meat in mid winter. As they worked their love grew though they would not admit it to each other.

Eventag watched as they grew up and saw the love grow. He knew the law of the earth. He too knew that if they were allowed to continue to work together that they would have much pain. Eventag decided to send Ellendrill to his mothers house, the elves of the woods, so she could learn the magic of the trees and other plants of the wood lands.

This was the first mistake of Eventag for as the time drew near for Ellendrillís departure Birlon saw how much he loved Ellendrill. He decided to tell Ellendrill during the dance of the harvest moon of his love. He knew that it was wrong. Birlon expected Ellendrill to laugh and tell him he was a foolish mortal. Then she would remind him that mortal and immortal could never marry.

On the night of the dance of the harvest moon Ellendrill and Birlon had a chance to talk. When Birlon told Ellendrill she wept. She too had discovered that she loved Birlon. Then they saw the wisdom of Eventag and decided to go there separate ways.

Time passed and the trolls of the southern kingdom started to attack the men of the plains. A council was called and Birlon the leader of Abijon the other men of the plains and the elves held a council. They decided to join forces against the trolls. To seal the deal Birlon was given Delindra to be his wife. Once the men of the plain started working together the trolls bothered them no more. This was the first treaty among men and elves and it would be the precedent for all that were to follow.

Delindra was thought beautiful among men. She had had many suitors some rich and some poor. Yet she did not choose a husband from among them for she considered these to be beneath her. She wanted a man with power. She thought that by marring Birlon, she, through her son, might rule all the men of the plains. She did not care for the ways of the elves and despised their help. When the time came for the conference she made her father give her to be the wife of Birlon. (Some say she paid the trolls to attack the men of Abijion.)

Delindra and Birlon were married soon after the conference. The men of Abijon and the Elves of the plain threw a huge celebration that lasted a week. Everyone was happy because their leader had a bride.

All but Birlon for he loved Ellendrill and felt bad that he married Delindra even though it was for political reasons. For this reason he often made trips through the plains and visited with people.

About the time of the harvest moon Delindra gave birth to a son. She named him Derifine. Her dreams were coming true. With Birlon gone on trips visiting his people Delindra was able to train her son to obey her. He did not learn to love the ways of the elves. He even learned to despise the help the elves gave the men of the plains. When he was ten he decided to learn the magic. The magic of the elves brings life and is the gift of the first born. He instead learned the black magic that only brings death. One should not underestimate the black magic for death is easier then life.

Many years went by and Delindra was pregnant again. She did not allow the elves to help her as was the custom. The birth was hard and she died soon after her daughter was born. Birlon named his second child after Ellendrill. Ellendrill was different then Derifine. She loved to travel with her father and became friends with the elves. Some say she could hunt like an elf and dance as well as the girl whose name she bore.

As time passed Derifine grew in his knowledge of black magic and had started his own army. Soon he decided that he was strong enough to attack. First he took the land of his motherís people. After the battle many men of the plain were dead and some of the elves. Then he turned on his fatherís people. There was a great battle and the deeds of those heroes are still sung today thought the war itself is all but forgotten. In the end there was a dual between Birlon and Derifine. Derifine used his black magic to rain fire upon his father. In defense Birlon raised his shield. As the light bounces of a shiny surface the fire bounced and struck Derifine. He was not prepared for this kind of attack and soon fell. His father out of compassion knelt to see if he could do anything for his son. As he sat their Derifine gathered the last of his strength and stabbed his father in the chest.

That is how the elves found them. Birlon was still alive though he had loss much blood. Eventag called his daughter to heal his friend. This was the second mistake of Eventag.

Just before his death he called Ellendrill and his daughter to him.

ďMy daughter the time of my death is near you will have to ruled my people well while I was gone in battle and sickness, continue to do so. You will now need to care for all the people of the plain for your motherís people are with out a guide and will wander to their own destruction. I have faith that you can do the job better than I. Through my life I have been a poor father. This has led to the death of many of my people.Ē

ďEllendrill you know that I have always loved you. This love was wrong. Now you are free to love on of your own people.Ē

The people of the valley mourned his death for a long time but none mooned more deeply then Ellendrill. On the third day after Birlonís death Ellendrill dies. The people buried them side by side on that hill. That is why it is called lovers hill because only in death were they together.