The First Battle


This is the tale how Birlon leader of the Abijon fought his first battle. Birlon and Ellendrill decided to see the dwarves dance under the first full moon of autumn. Birlon, though he was twelve, was confident of his skills as a swordsman. ( He had beaten all of his classmates at sword play.)

At dusk Ellendrill and Birlon slipped out of the village. With the full moon the trail was easy to follow and the two soon found the dwarves camp. As they lay hidden in the bushes they did not hear the silent approach of the dwarves. Seven armed dwarves soon surrounded them. These dwarves silently herded their captives to their Ruler Gwinly.

Drawf Gwinly

Both Ellendrill and Birlon were filled with fear. How could they explain their presence? Gwinly was an old dwarf who had spent his life in the diamond mines of the south. It is said he ruled his people as hard as the stones he had mined. They loved him a greatly.

For a long Time Gwinly sat looking at the pair. Finally he spoke “Welcome Birlon son of Makar, of men and Ellendrill, daughter of Eventag, of the elves. You should have asked to join our dance we would have welcomed you.”

Ellendrill spoke with a stammer, “Please forgive our foolishness Gwinly, Lord of the dwarf people. We meant no disrespect to your people. We were unsure of our welcome at your most anticipated celebration.


Gwinly just looked at the two children as if he could read their hearts. Finally he said “You may join in the dance but you must be gone before sunrise or your fathers will worry.

The two excited children where overjoyed and thanked the leader for his kindness and promised they would obey. Both Ellendrill and Birlon enjoyed the night. This was a night that carried them through the bad times to come. Just as the moon started to set a young dwarf came and reminded the two of their promise.

They slowly started for home. The way was harder to follow but both Birlon and Ellendrill had followed it often. That night a pair of troll had come up from the southern kingdom searching for trouble. They quickly spotted the pair and decided to capture them for sport.


The two trolls had no problem catching the two tired children. They quickly roughly tied their hands and legs. Birlon was angry with himself since this was the second time this night that he had been captured without even pulling his sword.

Birlon started to think, he know trolls love games. He challenged them to a contest. Birlon lost the first contest, a knife throwing contest, because his hands where still tied but one of the knives disappeared into his tunic. After many contest all of which Birlon skillfully lost, the trolls decided to take a nap and ordered Ellendrill to sing for them. While they where sleeping, Birlon cut his and Ellendrill’s ropes. Ellendrill continued her lullaby and soon Birlon had the Trolls tied up.

This was the way Birlon leader of the Abijon learned that strength is not the only way to defeat an army. Birlon and Ellendrill never again dishonored their parents by leaving without their permission.