The Years of No Rain

Story Teller

This is the tale of the years of no rain. During the third year of the reign of Birlon, Birlon notice the animals of his land were acting in way contrary to their normal behavior. The birds did not return in the spring. The deer started wandering to the south. The old men of Abijon said, “This is only temporary.” Birlon did not think this was true. He visited his friend Ellendrill, daughter of Eventog of the race of elves. When Birlon told Ellendrill she smiled.


“I can see that you are a good king for your people, my friend Birlon”, said Ellendrill. “ These are terrible sign that you are seeing. I have seen the same among the plants. They are readying themselves for a long time without water.”

Birlon replied, “What can I do for my people. The plains are our home. We have learned to live from one rain to the next.”

Ellendrill responded, “ My advice take your people to the mountains. There they will have water to drink until the rain returns to the plain.”

“My people will not like living in the mountains. They will have to learn to hunt new animals. They women will need to learn to hunt for new plants. The orges also call the mountains their home,” sighed Birlon.

Despite his argument Birlon knew that Ellendrill was correct so he told the men to hunt as if they were hunting for winter. He told the women to dry food and medicine for many months. The people did not know what to say but they obeyed though they did not understand.


After speaking with his people Birlon set out for a long journey into the mountains of the south. Through his long journey he was looking for a place that his people could be safe for a few months. Finally Birlon found what he was looking for. Birlon Praised God for giving him the place he needed for his people.

When Birlon returned to the village he expected his people to be as excited. That night he held council with the men of Abijon and the elves. He told them about the time with out rain and the fact that he had found a cave for them to live and live safely. Instead of praise for his wisdom he received only criticism.

Man 1

“Man don’t live in caves”

Man 2

“The stream here in the plain has never dried up in all of my years.”

Man 3

“What! Live near the orgs of the south that is foolish. We will all be made into supper.”

Man 4

“ How can we leave the only homes that we have ever known?”

Man 5

“ How do we even know that the time without rain is coming, it rain just yesterday”

Man 6

“God would not allow a disaster to come on us.”

Ellendrill wanted to speak and to defend Birlon against the attacks of his people but her father made her be quite. “Birlon if he is to become a real king like his father will have to persuade the people himself.” Then Birlon stood once more and addressed his people.


Men of Abijon, I have been your king for only three years. I became king after the time that my father died. Many among you said, “He is too young to be a king of such a great people.” But since it was my father will, you made me king. In this time I have tried to do the will of our King in heaven, and lead my people wisely. The land is changing. It is preparing itself for a time when there will be no rain. I do not know how long this time will last. I know that the animals are preparing their homes. Already many of the animals have started to move to the mountains, an area that is not their home. I decided to follow the deer as they traveled. As I followed them I came upon a valley with a lake in it. The lake is fed by a stream that comes out of the mountain I follow the river and found a cave the river run out of the mouth of the cave. I thought to myself that surly the cave would be damp and dreary and covered in mold. Instead I found a cave that was dry and large enough for the whole village. The entrance will be easy to defend against an org attach. When I saw this I fell on my knees and thanked our giving God for allowing me to find a place for my people.

My people I am not say the next year or years will be easy for us. We will have to learn a new way to live, a new way to hunt, and new foods to gather. My people I believe the living God who has been with us on the plain will travel with us to our new home. He will give us the skills to survive until the rains return to this land.

Old man

The men remained silent for a long time. Finally an old Grandfather spoke. “Though the trail will be hard on these old bones of mine I will trust the God that has sustained me all of my days will be with me on the road to your cave. I follow Birlon.” All of the men in the room jumped to their feet afraid they would be the last to follow their king.

That night the men of Abijon decided to leave that week with the elves. They invited the other men of the plain to join them but the other men of the plain laughed at the idea. Many of those that laughed at Birlon and his offer died. The next three years there was no rain on the plain as Birlon had predicted. But the men of Abijon grew in number in the mountains there they learned many knew skills and grew in friendship with the elves.