This is not the original story. That one was lost two computers ago. This story I rewrote after a long drive this summer.

A friend of mine once asked me ďWhere are the unicorns?Ē I thought every one know the story of the unicorns and was surprised to find that it was not common knowledge. I have heard the story many times from my mother and she heard it from her mother. Here is the story as it was told to me. I know many half truths have been told over the years. I hope to clear these up and let the truth be known.

At the time of the great migration my motherís people can to a land that was green and fertile and the water ran clear. Their leader, Mannin the wise, decided to build homes and plant crops in this place.

The chronicle does not tell when the people first noticed the unusual animals living near them. I believe it was the children who first noticed the unicorns. The chronicle does state that it was a little girl who first became friends with a unicorn.

I think this is how the story that only a virgin could approach. I assure you this is not true. Once a unicorn became your friend you would be friends for life. They are animals and have the fear of man in them, but they are also more curious then a cat. If you sit still long enough eventually they will investigate. Young boys and adults seldom have the patients to woo this animal.

The girls who were friends noticed that a unicorn always placed his horn in the water before drinking. The water would become clear and drinkable. The people believed that this was magic. Though I will not rule out magic I wonder if this if there was a chemical on the horn that would clean the water.

Mannin noticed that his people who drank this water were healthier. He ordered the men of the village to not hurt the unicorns. The girls who had made friends with the unicorns were given a special title of caretaker.

The caretakers learned what grasses and flowers the unicorns enjoyed eating. They began to cultivate these plants for there friends. The unicorns were intelligent and communicated with there caretakers. It was not the speech of man. It also was not a form of mental telepathy as many story tellers would have you believe. I guess the closest comparison we have today is the way a horse and rider who have worked together for a long time communicate. Or they way lovers can understand in a glance what would take two strangers long minutes of taking to comprehend.

My motherís people lived long lives compared to the people of that time. They grew numerous because there young seldom died of illness. The chiefs were wise and continued to enforce the laws that Mannin had declared.

The neighbors grew jealous of my motherís people. They soon incorrectly guessed the reason for their prosperity. One chief, Dakon, decided that the power came from the horn. He ordered his men to kill the unicorns and to bring him the horns. Many unicorns died that year. Many of my motherís people died defending them.

One day after a long rain the remaining unicorns walked into the village. The caretakers had never seen the unicorns group together before. They preferred small groups of three or four. The village grew quiet because they knew the unicorns were leaving. The caretakers said there tearful farewells to the favorites. Then the unicorns approached the rainbow that seamed to end in the village. One by one they walked into the rainbow. My motherís people saw them enter a new land. When the sun moved and the rain bow disappeared so did the unicorns.

We caretakers still grow the chamomile, lettuce and sweat peas that the unicorns loved. We pass the stories on to our daughters and granddaughters. We follow every rainbow. This and more we will continue to do until our charges come home to us. I know people are not ready for there return but maybe they will be ready when my daughter becomes a caretaker.