Chapter 1 The Boggart Remembers

The Boggart woke from his nap. How long had he slept this time? Had it been a year or just a day? The Boggart really did not need sleep, so why had he slept so long. Then the memory of the last time he had been awake crowed into his memory. Anna, his Anna, had been taken away from him.

In his old country a person was born in his home. In this house they lived there, had children there, and died there. Then the family would bury the person in the cemetery behind the house. When the Boggart ran out of ways to play jokes on his family, he would go out to the cemetery. He would sit by the graves and remember the jokes he had played on the past family members. The Boggart had been with this family since the house was built.

There was the joke he had played on George when he was just a child. He would make the balls in the nursery dance. One day the nurse came in and caught him. How she did scream! The Boggart smiled in remembrance.

Then there was the time during the crusades when the family did not believe the Boggart had existed. He would move their pots and bowls and they would not notice. He made the curtains dance and they blamed the drafts. He would make noises at night and during the day and all they said what do you expect in an old castle.

Most of the time the family new there was a Boggart in the house and new if something was missing just to laugh. It would be found in the most unusual place. The often-spent nights retelling stories of what the Boggart had done. The Boggart enjoyed listening. He knew which jokes were his and which ones were the family joining in on the fun.

Then the day came that changed his life. Anna, not his Anna, had packed a trunk. The Boggart had thought it would be funny to repack it better. While he was repacking he decided to take a nap. When he woke a week later, he found the trunk was closed and with an iron key. No Boggart can pass through a lock that has been locked with an iron key. The family had long ago stopped locking things. The Boggart had a tendency to throw a fit if he was lock in. The locked room or drawer would suddenly become a disaster. Not ever time just enough times over the centuries that the family had found other ways to secure their valuables. Now the Boggart was trapped. He did not like the way the trunk moved. It swayed from side to side, like a boat on the lake behind the cemetery.

The truth was that Anna had married a poor man and the two of them decided that they could find a better life in America. When Anna had locked the trunk she had not known the Boggart had stopped for a nap.

In America the Boggart was not happy. The family was not there. The year was 1929 and Manitowoc was already feeling the depression Anna and her husband Phillip had to work hard. Phillip worked at Shutty’s as a sales clerk and his wife took in borders in the up stairs rooms. They did not have the time to notice Boggart’s tricks. He never bothered to play tricks on the borders they weren’t part of the family.

That changed when Anna, his Anna, was born. In the cradle she looked up and saw the Boggart and laughed. The child saw him! And she had laughed at him! From that day on the Boggart had a friend. Anna and Philip had other children, Philip Jr., Mary, Tomas, and Fredrick. The Boggart would play tricks on them but they never really new that it was he. Only Anna knew the truth she would always laugh. When Anna and Philip became old Anna left her job at the phone company and took care of them. Anna soon married to William and she continued to live in the same house with her mother. That was the way that it should be. The family should always live in the same house. True there was no cemetery behind the house but Americans were different.

Anna and William had two children, Mary and William Jr. Will like Anna had recognized the Boggart in his cradle. This made the Boggart happy. When Will started to go to school he began to forget about his friend the Boggart. This did not really bother the Boggart he still had Anna and their would be a next generation. The time came when the children moved out of the house. After a time William, who had worked as a ship builder, died. Only the Boggart and Anna lived in the home. They were happy together. The Boggart would play trick on Anna and she would laugh. Anna got into the habit of talking to the Boggart, who else was there to talk to in those long days.

That is how it started Mary had caught her Mother talking to the Boggart and had decided that she was loosing her mind. She had had a family conference and it had been decided. Mother could not take care of herself. The children pack her up and placed her in a home.

Her home is with me the Boggart wanted to scream. He could have understood if Anna had died. Human do die, though Boggarts do not. On that day he went to sleep. He slept through the children dividing Anna things. He slept through the estate sale. He slept when a company bought the house from Anna’s children. He just slept.

Chapter 2 The Boggart is Awake.

There was noise one again in his home. The Boggart woke to find not one person but several people in his home. They all look to be from the same family. The Boggart could tell that there was a father, several of his sons, and several of their children. Every one of them was carrying boxes. They were moving into Anna’s house, his Anna’s house. The Boggart shouted at them to leave but the people did not have time to listen to the Boggart. Finally all the people left. The Boggart could not sleep.

The next day only the girl returned. The Boggart was not in a good mood. He started to move things around but the girl did not notice the Boggart’s tricks.

That night she brought over the cats. None of the family had ever had cats. They had always had dogs.

The two cats were as different as day and night. The cat named Smokey was smaller with long fur. When the Boggart played tricks on this cat she looked at him with contempt. The dogs had always turned and ran. When he threatened her, she knew that he could not really hurt her. She just flounced her tail and walked away.

The other cat Bontu was a different story. Bontu was a wild thing like the Boggart. When he was young he had learned to question everything and not trust any thing. Bontu was a large cat. He looked like a small Panther wary and alert. He had not liked the Boggart and had refused to sleep in the same room. The Boggart had fun. Moving Bontu from room to room. Since the Boggart had spent his long nap in the bedroom, Bontu refused to enter unless there was a lot of light.

The girl was strange. She stayed home most days. After her boxes were unpacked she spent most of her time in the corner working on a computer. The Boggart tried to catch her attention. First he started by moving things. She would just figure she had moved it herself.

Then the Boggart began to make doors open. This did not bother her she blamed the cats.

Then the Boggart began to tease Bontu. The cat became more and more agitated. She worried about her cat, but soon decided that it had one too many moves. Bontu took to sleeping in the brown chair and sitting on the divider to see were the Boggart would come from next. Smokey still was no fun to tease she refused to be intimidated. It was if she thought, “I’m too cute for you to harm me”

The Boggart then began to make sounds up stairs. The girl just decided that it was an old home. Old home tend to make noises at night.

The Boggart started to become frustrated what could he do next? Then he remembered all of the trouble that the girl had had with the phone line. The phone company had switched on the upstairs phone line and not the downstairs phone line. The girl had had to string cords from the upstairs to the downstairs in order to get the phones and her computer to work. He had had nothing to do with those troubles, but she had noticed. The Boggart finally decided, he would switch the phone downstairs for her.

The girl did notice the phone problem and even figured out that the line now worked on the first floor. But she did not laugh with the Boggart over the joke. She just declared it a mystery. People told her the phone company probably changed it after they said they wouldn’t.

The Boggart was angry what could he do to get her attention. He went in his room and slept.

Chapter 3 The girl gets a post cards.

A few days later the girl went out to the porch to get her mail. The mail had not been good. It had all been bills and had she still had not found a job. Today it was a good day. Only one small post card was placed in the mail slot, maybe it was a Christmas card. The card read.

Anna was still alive and she still remembered him. The Boggart was happy he wanted to do a joke that every one could see. The phones! When he had switch the girl’s phone he saw how easy it was. This age of computers and electricity made a Boggart’s job easy. He would do it. He switched the entire bank of phones.

That night the girl heard on the news the news the entire city of Sheboygan had lost phone service. The phone company could not explain it and they were working on the problem. Back at the phone company a team of technicians were busily rearranging all of the switches that the Boggart had played with.

That night the girl called, “Boggart are you there?”

In answer the Boggart moved her remote when she was not looking, but she knew it was the Boggart who moved it.

Shortly after the girl got a job. When she came home the Boggart always made sure to have something on the step. They both looked forward to this game.

The cats and the Boggart also became friends slowly Bontu lost his distrust of the Boggart. Smokey soon started playing tag with the Boggart, later Bontu joined in the game.

The Boggart thought even though the girl was not part of the family. She is OK.